San Bruno Gas Line Explosion

A catastrophic explosion occurred on Thursday, Sept. 9 in San Bruno, killing six people and injuring more than 50 others. The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed over 40 homes in the area after a gas line ruptured. The gas line was owned and operated by PG&E.

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Moving Towards a Better Law For Car Accident Victims in Michigan

In August of 2010, the Michigan Supreme Court issued its decision and struck down the standard set by Kreiner. Rodney McCormick suffered a serious fracture resulting in two surgeries and a year away from work. Following the law as interpreted in Kreiner would have left Mr. McCormick without any compensation, while creating an almost insurmountable barrier for other car accident victims seeking damages in auto accident cases.

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Family Law Seminar Raffle Winner – The Law Office of David C. Wells

Congratulations to the Law Office of David C. Wells of Austin, TX, who won GetLegal’s raffle for Dallas Cowboy suite tickets to the Oct. 25th game against the New York Giants.  GetLegal held the raffle for attendees of the 2010 Advanced Family Law Seminar in San Antonio.  This year’s seminar featured presentations and CLE classes for family law attorneys throughout the state of Texas.

GetLegal has had a great week at the conference, presenting new ideas for online marketing, social and interactive media, and website services to Texas attorneys and law firms.  We look forward to kicking off new relationships and bright solutions for law office marketing.

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GetLegal to Attend the Advanced Family Law Seminar in San Antonio

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GetLegal Launches Comprehensive Personal Injury Site for the Blackman Legal Group

GetLegal has recently released a new comprehensive website for the Blackman Legal Group, a personal injury firm with offices throughout California.  The new site contains custom design, content and search engine optimization by the Web Services team at GetLegal.  The flagship site provides information concerning the wide range of personal injury cases handled by the Blackman Legal Group.

Blackman Legal GroupIn addition to comprehensive information on areas of personal injury law, including motor vehicle accidents, property related accidents, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death, the site also contains custom, practice-related videos shot by the Blackman Legal Group.  The videos, which employ the Vimeo interface, provide additional insight into the breadth of the Blackman Legal Group’s personal injury practice.

In order to organize and maintain the large amount of content being delivered on the new flagship site, the Web Services team at GetLegal has used Drupal, the open source content management platform.  This has allowed the team to seamlessly create, organize, edit and deliver large amounts of content to the website, all through Drupal’s content management interface.

The Blackman Legal Group has a reputation of successfully representing victims of personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout the state of California, Arizona and Nevada.   They have succeeded in obtaining settlements for victims of life-changing injuries such as traumatic head injury, spinal cord injury, closed head injury, paralysis and quadriplegia.  Visit to learn more about case results and the types of cases handled by the Blackman Legal Group.

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